BEAN HONEY is a REGIONAL PRODUCT from Roztocze area

Bean honey strengthens the immune system, supports the work of the heart, facilitates treatment of influenza and colds, relieves gastro-intestinal diseases, accelerates the renewal of microorganisms necessary for proper digestion.

  • color: straw yellow (after white-cream crystallization)
  • smell: an intense flower bean
  • taste: not too sweet, slightly sour


About 30 years ago, leading my developing apiary, I noticed that bees are happy to visit the nearby field of thriving string beans. We acquired honey that was interesting in this way, but at first we sold it under the label of multi-flower honey. The buyers quickly sensed a subtle difference in taste, so I ventured to sell a hitherto unknown honey. The inscription on the label of the honey jar "FASOLKOWY" and then "BEEN" often met with disbelief of customers.

Bean honey, however, permanently entered the offer of the ULIK apiary and from the very beginning it was promoted by us as an interesting, traditional taste from Roztocze. Systematic own retail sale and promotion of bean honey has allowed us to offer more and more consumers and gourmet honeys over time.

BEAN HONEY - Regional Traditional Product

In 2005, we prepared and submitted an application to the Marshal's Office in Lublin thanks to which HONEY FAMILY from the apiary "Ulik" was entered into the National List of Traditional Products. Entry on the list of traditional products does not apply to producers and applicants (leaving them anonymous), so the offer of other apiaries, intermediaries and stores quickly appeared on the market, which started selling bean honey of various origins as a traditional product and a curiosity among honeys.

We would like to thank our customers who, when buying products directly from the "ULIK" apiary, appreciate our effort and contribution to initiating the production and promotion of ORIGINAL BEAN HONEY from the nectar of pole beans flowers "Piękny Jaś" from the area of ​​Roztocze Zachodnie.

Yours sincerely, Marian Śliczniak - owner of the apiary

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BEAN HONEY 800ml 1.1kg

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