Called the "Nectar of life"

Goldenrod honey is not a popular type of honey. It is obtained from the nectar of the goldenrod, a plant that blooms throughout the summer until late autumn is commonly referred to as mimosa or "golden rod".

Goldenrod honey is used for inflammation and infections of the urinary tract, kidney stones and oliguria. In infections of the upper respiratory tract and bile ducts.

It has a large amount of querticin and routine, improving the blood supply to the veins of the lower limbs and kidneys. It is also recommended for people with hypertension, atherosclerosis, diabetes and for beauty purposes.

It contains bactericides, vitamins and a lot of different types of micronutrients. It also helps with excessive stress and physical exhaustion of the body.

  • color: light yellow sometimes light amber
  • smell: pleasant goldenrod flower
  • taste: slightly sour, slightly bitter

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