• CREAMED RAPE HONEY 315ml 0.4kg

"Honey from the golden fields of Roztocze"

The high glucose content makes it particularly valuable in the treatment of heart diseases, mainly coronary arteries and cardiovascular system. It stabilizes blood pressure and inhibits atherosclerotic processes

Supports basic therapy in the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcer, accelerating healing of inflammation. Cleans the liver and promotes the secretion of bile juice.

In the case of light burns, quick lubrication with rapeseed honey prevents the formation of blisters and protects against the development of infection.

Regenerates the body in states of physical and mental exhaustion.

  • color: straw (after white-cream crystallization)
  • smell: delicate rape blossoms
  • taste: sweet, bland

In 2006, it was entered on the List of Traditional Products

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  • Brand: Pasieka ULIK
  • Product Code: RZKR-315
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