• Bee wax candle

Made of natural 100% bee wax.

A classic cylindrical shape with a jute ornament and a red rose.

Beeswax candles burn smokelessly leaving a delicate honey scent in the room. The negative ions exhaled from the flame of the candle purify the air, alleviating the complaints of the upper respiratory tract, lung diseases, asthma and allergies. They stabilize blood pressure, increase the efficiency of the body, increase the ability to remember. Burning wax candles eliminates the smell of tobacco smoke, neutralizes the effects of radiation coming from the computer, TV, mobile phone and other electromagnetic devices. The flame of the wax candle has a purifying effect on the spiritual spheres, causes the flow of good energy, calms the nerves and calms the emotions.

Candle height: 7cm

Diameter: 4cm

Weight: 90 g

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Bee wax candle

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